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Mei Li Vos wake-up call service

<copy press release> Mei Li Vos mobilize her supporters with a wake-up call service on  Election Day.

With a voice message from Mei Li Vos, MP for the Socialistic Party, she wanted to make sure that her supporters on June 9 would not forget  Election Day. According to Mei Li this was a good example of how technology can contribute to democracy. It uses a new way of communication, mass communication via voice mail. Developer of the concept, vZine, specializes in sending bulk voice mail.

In the rush of the morning on Election day people often forget what a lost vote could mean. With the wake-up service from Mei Li Vos ( ) you can prepare the message in order to have it send on the morning of June. You can for schedule it for yourself but also to the mobile phones of friends and family to remind them of Election Day.

The attention value of voicemail messages over the past years has clearly demonstrated. Major campaigns for companies such as Achmea, KPN and McDonalds have shown that most of the receivers listen to the messages and if requested also acted on it.

The new technique from vZine and KPN was developed last year.Audio files are directly put in the voice mailbox of mobile phones. Then an SMS is automatically is sent to the holder of the corresponding number.

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